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Examiner: Leslie Nolan, artist powerhouse interprets life as being fragile July 6, 2014
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Home and Design Magazine
Late Fall 2013
"Leslie Nolan - Featured Artist"
Women's Art Collaborative
August 2013
Luxe.Interiors+Design Magazine
Summer 2013
Washington Project for the Arts
Artists Directory 2013-2014
Leslie M. Nolan "Unfiltered" at Touchstone Gallery Washington, DC - Exhibit Postcard Front and Back
February 2013
Leslie M. Nolan "Unfiltered" at Touchstone Gallery Washington, DC - YouTube
February 2013
Touchstone Gallery Blog: Leslie Nolan "Unfiltered"
January 2013
Calendar through Feb. 7 | Washington Blade - America's Leading Gay News Source
February 2013
Touchstone Gallery Press Release: Leslie Nolan "Unfiltered"
February 2013
Winter 2013 cover of Galleries Magazine
Winter 2013

DC Luxury Magazine: Basel Razzle-Dazzle! (pp 74, 75)
December 2012
Red Dot Miami Catalog
December 2012
"One Point Perspective: An Interview with Artist Leslie Nolan"
October 5, 2012
Press Release March 25, 2012
Going Out - Washington Post
February 24, 2012
Hot Tickets - Figuratively Speaking
The Gazette - February 8, 2012
Unexpected - Paintings by Leslie M. Nolan
Press Release for Glenview Mansion Show February 2012
Unexpected: Artist Statement
The Pink Line Project: Unexpected

The Art League 'Scapes - August 2011
RTunes 68 Blog: Art Du Jour - Leslie Nolan 07/14/2011
Titans, Terrors and Toys Blog - 01/16/2011
Touchstone Gallery Presents Off-Kilter, Paintings by Leslie Nolan - 01/12/2011

Galleries Magazine Cover Winter 2011
(.pdf 371 kb)
Washington Post Image 12/17/2010
(.pdf 288 kb)
Press Release for solo exhibit "Off-Kilter" December 16, 2010
Touchstone Gallery

Press Release for Small Works Exhibit, December 2010
Touchstone Gallery

Press Release for Solo Exhibit, "Personal Complexity," October 2010
1st Stage Theater

January 2010 Touchstone Gallery invitation to solo exhibit "Off-Kilter"

Painterly Visions: Personal Complexity Leslie Nolan by Ann Marchand, 10/29/2010


Press Announcement "Art in Mind" Exhibit February 2008
The Brick Lane Gallery, London, U.K. 

Reston Observer, LRA to Present Kickoff 2008!, January 11, 2008
(.pdf 248 kb)


Leslie Nolan Review by Artist and Art Historian
Josh Yavelberg, December 24, 2007 

2007 catalog for exhibit at Gallery A, Washington, D.C. Text by Washington, D.C-based art critic Eleanor Kennerly

(.pdf 572 kb)
Elan Magazine, Exhibit Notice for Gallery A exhibit December 2007
(.pdf 1 MB)

League of Reston Artists,
Winners of the Paint and Beyond Judged Fine Art Exhibition,
August 2007

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(.pdf 312 kb)


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(.pdf 482 kb)

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(.pdf 264 kb)


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(.pdf 700 kb)

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